How to Split a Java String Into Characters?

Answer Built-in Java classes can help you slash programming time by performing complex tasks for you. Programmers, for example, often need to use string tokenization when working with text data. Tokenizat... Read More »

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How to Split String in Java?

Before Java 1.4, StringTokenizer was used to split String in Java. After JDK 1.4, the use of StringTokenizer is discouraged, and instead the String.split(...) method or use of java.util.regex packa... Read More »

How to Split String Length in Java?

Java provides you with a "split" function that splits a character string into two separate strings. The split function has a delimiter parameter, which tells the compiler where to split the string.... Read More »

How do you check a php string for a certain string of characters?

if(strpos($title,"string looking for") !== false) {//some code}Note #1: the reason I use !== instead of != is because we want the code to execute if the string position is 0.Note #2: if you don't c... Read More »

How to Split a String?

String is available in lots of sizes from small to large but sometimes you have a project that requires a small string and you don't have any. One way to acquire a smaller string is by separating o... Read More »