How to Split Bamboo Plants?

Answer Bamboo is a grass that can be 12 inches tall or 60 feet tall. With 1,200 species of bamboo in the world, it can serve many purposes as far as ornamentation and landscaping. Bamboo also has many ind... Read More »

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How to Repair a Split Bamboo Rod?

Bamboo's strength and flexibility makes it ideal for many building projects. A cut length of bamboo, called a rod, is strongest when it is whole and unbroken. A split in a bamboo rod reduces its st... Read More »

How to Split Bamboo Poles?

Bamboo poles are technically classified as a grass, however once they are cut and dried the material is similar to a soft wood. Bamboo is durable enough to use as flooring, fencing, furniture and i... Read More »

How do I preserve split bamboo fencing?

PreserveProtect your split bamboo fencing with wood sealer or stain. If your fencing is new and the bamboo is shiny and green or brown in color, the bamboo will not absorb the preservative. Treat a... Read More »

How do I trim bamboo plants?

Remove Dead StemsRemove dead stems and branches. Holding the stem requiring trimming, cut directly above the node to remove the unwanted part of the plant. Cutting the stem as close to the node as ... Read More »