How to Split Assets When Separating?

Answer One of the most difficult parts of the process of getting a divorce is dividing the assets of the couple. When you file for divorce or separate from a partner, state law plays a vital role in deter... Read More »

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Division of Debt When Separating?

To divide the debts of the parties in a divorce, a judge classifies the debt as marital or separate. Then a judge divides it under the law of equitable distribution or community property.

If you marry a man with no health insurance if he has medical expenses he cannot pay and has no assets could 'they' come after your assets in NY?

Answer That's really a question for a family law attorney. Rather than worry about it - why not just purchase coverage for him.

What is the best solvent to use when separating sand&boric acid?

Boric acid dissolves in boiling water. Remove the dissolved boric acid from the sand and dry to recover the boric acid. Repeated extractions remove all of the boric acid from the sand. Boric acid a... Read More »

What Jobs Can a Machinist Mate Second Class Get When Separating From the Navy?

In the Navy, machinist's mates, or MMs, are electrical and mechanical specialists who operate and repair the vital systems of battleships and carriers. MMs can go from fixing a ship's propulsion s... Read More »