How to Splice a Movie Together?

Answer Modern digital video technology makes it easy for even the least experienced video editor to splice together clips into a sophisticated-looking movie. Free movie editing software is available for b... Read More »

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Will there be a splice 2?

Here's what the director said:“I really got to say, in all honesty, I never intended a sequel for the film. I understood in writing that ending, that it could apply a sequel. But never was that t... Read More »

How to Splice Formica?

Formica is purchased in long sheets. Typically, you can't buy Formica that fits your countertops exactly, so you have to splice it. Formica splicing consists of simply butting two pieces together w... Read More »

How to Splice Rope?

Sometimes the length of rope you have just isn’t enough for completing a project or using the rope for something useful. A rope can be made longer by splicing. While this method is not as easy or... Read More »

How to Back Splice?

Back splicing is a procedure in which an individual ties a knot and weaves a three braid rope back onto itself. This method secures the ends of ropes and prevents them from fraying. Frayed ropes ca... Read More »