How to Splice Into an Electrical Receptacle to Add a Second Outlet?

Answer Often it seems there are not enough electrical outlets in a room to power the myriad of electrical devices of modern society. Plug adapters can be plugged into an outlet to increase the number of d... Read More »

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How to Stop Unauthorized Access to an Outside Electrical Receptacle?

If your house features an outdoor electrical outlet that isn't easily observed by you or by neighbors, it could be vulnerable to use by unauthorized people. Particularly if it's in a low traffic ar... Read More »

Can I splice electrical wire?

Splicing electrical wiring is a common task for electricians. Splicing wires can also be done by homeowners but only with the greatest of care due to the inherent danger of working with electric c... Read More »

How to Splice Electrical Wires Safely?

Like water running through a garden hose, electricity must have an uninterrupted path from source to destination. If an electrical wire should become damaged, it will not be able to transfer curren... Read More »

The Right Way to Splice Automotive Electrical Wires?

Splicing automotive electrical wire is a bit more involved that just twisting two wires together. In almost all instances, automotive electrical wires are subject to conditions involving heat, cold... Read More »