How to Splice Formica?

Answer Formica is purchased in long sheets. Typically, you can't buy Formica that fits your countertops exactly, so you have to splice it. Formica splicing consists of simply butting two pieces together w... Read More »

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Can you laminate Formica over Formica?

Installing new plastic laminate is an easy and inexpensive way to freshen up a space. If your existing Formica or plastic laminate countertop has square edges, you can install new Formica right ove... Read More »

Will there be a splice 2?

Here's what the director said:“I really got to say, in all honesty, I never intended a sequel for the film. I understood in writing that ending, that it could apply a sequel. But never was that t... Read More »

How to Splice Yarn?

Many knitting projects require more than 1 skein of yarn. As you reach the end of 1 skein and begin on the next, you have a few options for joining the 2 skeins together. You can tie the old and ne... Read More »

How to Splice Wire?

Wire is commonly used to connect parts of an electrical circuit that are not mounted on the same surface. The wire must extend from surface to surface, leaving it exposed to potential forms of abra... Read More »