How to Spike a Hairstyle?

Answer While the quintessential spiked 'do is the punk-look Mohawk, this style is not appropriate for a lot of everyday settings. If you want to add a bit of spunk to a short haircut, but don't want the a... Read More »

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How to Spike Harder?

Having an amazingly hard, intimidating spike, is achievable to anyone who is determined enough.

What could be causing my CPU to spike?

sometimes this can be caused by old or bugged operating system software. try installing all the updates in microsoft update first and ask us again.

How to Spike Bangs?

If you want to give your current style a little pizazz by spiking your bangs, it's a look you can achieve in a few simple steps. Spiking your bangs requires hair products, so make sure to shop for ... Read More »

Former Names of Spike TV?

Some television networks buy subsidiary stations to appeal to different sets of viewers. However, because subsidiary stations are not their main sources of profit, parent networks buy and sell subs... Read More »