How to Spider Proof Your Home?

Answer Eeeek! a spider!Spiders enter homes by crawling in through any opening. Most spiders don’t attempt to enter houses unless there is an extreme change in weather. Periods of heavy rain or drought w... Read More »

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How to Baby Proof Your Home?

Here are a few things you need to do to make your home safe for a child of age from newborn to three years.

How to Rabbit Proof Your Home?

So, you've spent weeks researching rabbits, you've spent time finding the best supplier you can, you've chosen your favorite bunny, and now your new best friend is home. But to allow him to run fre... Read More »

How to Allergy Proof Your Home?

Growing numbers of people suffer from symptoms of year-round allergies caused by indoor allergens. Common indoor allergens include dust, dust mites, pets and/or pet dander, mold, formaldehyde, and ... Read More »

How to Child Proof Your Home?

Having a child in your home can be a fun and exciting moment. Unlike an adult, children don't know any better and need to rely on you to provide them with a safe environment. Here's an article on h... Read More »