How to Spell Check Before Sending Verizon Email on a BlackBerry?

Answer Your Verizon BlackBerry features a number of spell check options to ensure that you don't accidentally send a text or email with typos in it. You can adjust the spell check settings on your BlackBe... Read More »

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How to Check Your Email in Thunderbird Before Sending?

When you compose an email using the free Thunderbird application on your computer, you could be embarrassed if you send the message without first checking for spelling mistakes. If the recipient of... Read More »

How to Stop My BlackBerry From Sending Me Personal Email?

If you want to remove an email account from your BlackBerry, then you need to use the E-mail Settings. You can have up to 10 email addresses registered with your BlackBerry at once, so at some stag... Read More »

Verizon - Blackberry email validation error?

I wish I could help, im searching for an answer because it happened to me as well with my Yahoo acct and Blackberry 8830.So far I am checking for software updates on Verizon's blackberry website an... Read More »

How often does a BlackBerry Curve check for new email?

How often the BlackBerry Curve checks for new email messages depends on the type of email account and the server. By default, an email account is updated every 15 minutes. Yahoo and Google email me... Read More »