How to Speed Up Wireless Internet?

Answer Improving the speed of the wireless Internet in your home makes it easier to stream video online or perform other high-bandwidth activities. By making a few simple changes to the set-up of your wir... Read More »

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How to Optimize Wireless Internet Speed?

Internet service providers are more commonly supporting wireless Internet with their high-speed Internet plans. Many modems from your ISP or stores such as Best Buy or Office Depot will be wireless... Read More »

How to Get Wireless High Speed Internet?

Wireless high-speed Internet has penetrated 91 percent of the United States population, according to data collected by The Wireless Association (CTIA). In addition, the wireless industry generated ... Read More »

Which is better for the speed on the internet. Ethernet or wireless?

Fiber Optic cables is the fastest possible, with expiramental speeds into 100's of gigabytes per secondActual fiber in a typical business is 1000 Megabyte Per Sec, or GigbyteEthernet is capable of ... Read More »

How do I get wireless high speed Internet for free?

Visit a hot spot location such as a restaurant or coffee shop that offers free wi-fi. Obtain the free code from a waitress or the counter if necessary. Power on your computer and click the bars in ... Read More »