How to Speed Up Nail Growth?

Answer Having long nails is important to to some people's overall appearance. Others suffer from short, brittle nails that may look visibly unattractive or cause other problems. If you wish to have longer... Read More »

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Nail-like Growth on Dog?

Growths and lumps on dogs are common, especially as dogs age. A growth on your dog that looks just like a toenail is rare. The growth is as hard as a toenail and clips like a toenail but contains n... Read More »

Nail Growth?

Despite their small size, fingernails love to get attention. They're on display as you talk, gesture, eat, type or make that annoying clicking sound with your pen. Fortunately, these mini-divas are... Read More »

What Enhances Nail Growth?

Many women face problems with their nail growth and are looking for ways to quickly obtain long and strong nails. There are several ways that women can treat their nails and their bodies to stimula... Read More »

Vitamins for Nail Growth?

The key to successful nail growth is to establish and maintain healthy nails. On average, your nails grow .5mm to 1.2mm each week. But even the swiftest-growing nails will not stay around for long ... Read More »