How to Specify a Port on the FTP Command Line?

Answer When you use the command line FTP program to connect to an FTP server, you can specify to which port you want to connect. While FTP is usually hosted on port 21, a different port may be used in you... Read More »

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Do iOS and Android Operating Systems support command line or console interfaces and if so what are examples of ways to execute commands in the old style command line environment?

They distract the student from learning.They can be used to find answers during a test.They can distract other students by ringing or vibrating.They can spread rumors.They are expensive, and can be... Read More »

How to FTP Via Command Line?

You can upload and download files from another computer or server by using FTP, or File Transfer Protocol. While you can download and install for-purchase or free software to perform FTP connection... Read More »

How to Zip a Command Line?

Many operations in the Linux operating system are run with the Command Line application that requires you to type out your commands to run them instead of running them in a Graphical User Interface... Read More »

How to Get to the Command Line on a Mac?

If you are a beginner at computing on a Mac, getting to the command line can seem daunting. Relax. It's easy.The command line, also known as Terminal, allows you to use some Unix like commands in O... Read More »