How to Specialize in Damaged Tapestries?

Answer Some of the most famous tapestries date back to the Middle Ages, when they functioned as protectors from the damp and cold. According to Mille Fleurs Tapestries, tapestries became increasingly deco... Read More »

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How do I clean tapestries?

DustingOnce a year remove your tapestry from its wall hanging or pick it up from the floor and take it outside. Shake the rug free of dust particles. If your tapestry is either large or delicate, g... Read More »

What Are Gobelin Tapestries?

The original Gobelins family, whose name evolved into one synonymous with exquisite French tapestries, began as dyers during the mid 1400s in Paris, France. Their factory evolved into a tapestry pr... Read More »

The History of Unicorn Tapestries?

While there is still debate regarding the origins of unicorn tapestries, many archaeologists and curators postulate that the tapestries were first woven in the 15th century. There are two popular t... Read More »

Where were the first tapestries made?

The first tapestries were made in France by medieval weavers. When the Hundred Years War began, tapestry weavers fled, scattering the art of tapestry to other parts of the world.Source:From Times P... Read More »