How to Spawn Unique Items in "Torchlight"?

Answer "Torchlight," an action role-playing game by Runic Games, allows the player to take control of one of three unique characters. Each character provides a different manner of progressing through the ... Read More »

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How to Reset Your Skills in Torchlight?

"Torchlight," first released in 2009, is a fantasy themed role playing game that is available for Windows and the Xbox 360 console. Players can develop their character by assigning points into skil... Read More »

A Guide to Torchlight Vanquisher?

Players playing Runic Games' action roleplaying game "Torchlight" get to choose from one of three player classes. Each offers a different approach to combating foes and gaining loot. One of these c... Read More »

How to Get Fish in Torchlight to Permanently Change Your Pet?

"Torchlight" is an action role-playing game (RPG) developed by Runic Games. As a player moves through his quest to save the town of Torchlight, he will come across various fishing holes, which will... Read More »