How to Spark a Fire?

Answer If you ever become stranded in the woods and you need to spark a fire to boil water, cook food, or provide warmth for yourself, you will need to know the correct procedure for successfully completi... Read More »

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Do you need a spark screen for a fire pit?

Fire pits do not require a spark screen although most fire pits come with one. Spark screens add a layer of safety when using a fire pit. Even with a spark screen, however, you should never leave a... Read More »

How to Make Pinecone Fire Starters Spark?

Pinecone fire starters are often used to get a camp, home or grill fire started. Relying on the natural wood and sap of the pine cone, some people also dip part of the pine cone in paraffin wax to ... Read More »

How to Make a Fire With a Tissue, Sock Lint, and a Spark?

This is an awesome way to make a fire without matches.

How many fire fighters go in a fire truck during a fire?

It depends upon what type of truck and the mission assigned to it. Many pumpers that have water and hose are manned with between 3 and 5 firefighters. Ladder trucks usually have 4 or 5 and rescues ... Read More »