How to Sound Proof a Drum Room?

Answer Soundproofing a drum room is essential to prepare a place to practice and/or teach lessons. You can even use the room for band practice, since the soundproofing for a drum room will also help keep ... Read More »

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Sound proofing. If you were constructing a sound proof room for, say, well never mind.?

How can i sound proof a room?

The only thing that really sound proofs a room is mass..... No not carpet and insulation, but stuff like concrete blocks, bricks, heavy tiles and layers of glass.........

How to Build a Sound Proof Room?

A soundproof room, showing acoustic damping tiles used for noise absorption.Sometimes the noise is just too much, and you are desperate for peace and quiet. The answer may be to build a soundproof ... Read More »

What is the best way to sound proof a room for recording?

Ive built them before. We had to use 2 walls, each one insulated and rocked with 5/8 fire rock. Leave a 3" space between the 2 walls, and the stud framing was offset (staggered). Stoped the sounds ... Read More »