How to Sound Dampen a Hatchback?

Answer A number of sound proofing materials are available to take care of irritating road noise. If your hatchback is not as quiet as you would like, the solution is to install sound proofing mats in the ... Read More »

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What Can I Do to Dampen Vibration in My Car?

Vibration in your car can come from many different sources, and can range from a simple fix to problems that must be remedied by a qualified mechanic. Determine which area of your car the vibration... Read More »

How to Dampen Drums?

Dampening, or muffling, is a method of reducing the resonance or harsh overtones that drums sometimes emit. Many drum head manufacturers offer heads with built-in dampening, but sometimes further m... Read More »

How to Dampen Road Noise?

Road noise can become a major annoyance for those who frequently drive in busy---and loud---cities or those who live on busy streets. Car horns, the zooming of trucks and cars on the highway, and r... Read More »

How to Dampen Engine Noise?

One of the key differences between a luxury vehicle and a run-of-the mill car is the absence of ambient noise in the former. Luxury manufacturers go to great pains to not only dampen engine and me... Read More »