How to Sound Check Your iPod?

Answer Sound Check is a setting and feature of iPod devices that allows users to listen to all songs at the same volume. This ensures that all songs play with a consistent sound regardless of the volume l... Read More »

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You received a Ipod nano for Christmas and love it The sound is unbelievable although you are having trouble with the ear buds that came with the iPod they will not stay in your ear Any comment?

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What Is Sound Check on the iPhone?

One of the most popular features of the iPhone is that it functions both as a phone and an iPod that plays MP3 audio files. MP3 files can come from many places, such as iTunes, artists' own website... Read More »

Where does the sound come from my ipod?

The 1st gen has a speaker ,but it's very small and isn't used for music. it's for the keyboard and alarm.

Something wrong with the sound on my iPod?

Try some more earphones, because you probably need some more. Dunno what else you can do though really