How to Sort Songs by Album on an iPhone?

Answer Sort your iPhone music to better help you navigate media and locate your favorite songs. The iPhone's iPod allows you to sort music by artist name, song title, genre and more. You can also choose t... Read More »

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Develop templates of standard sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort,& quick sort?

This particular homework assignment requires a lot of coding examples. And they are easily available from the Internet by doing a simple search. And if we spoon-fed you your answers, you will not... Read More »

How to Sort iPod Songs by Name in a BMW iDrive?

BMW now offers a computerized control panel to operate many elements of the vehicle. In addition to navigation, the iDrive unit, which is located on the BMW dashboard, controls climate controls, co... Read More »

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How do I add songs to an album on Itunes?

the person above me is partly correct but highlight all the songs (hold control and click on each one) then right click on one song then click on the get info option the next thing that you need to... Read More »