How to Sort Mail at the Post Office?

Answer More than 171 billion pieces of mail are processed by the United States Postal Service each year. After being transported from the sender to the destination post office, this mail is sorted and del... Read More »

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When does the post office NOT deliver mail?

I've been a carrier for 28 years. Here are a few situations that will stop me from deliveringWhen a young person refuses to shovel their walk (I'll struggle thru freshly fallen snow...but if it's b... Read More »

Can you mail X-ray film through the post office?

The United States Post Office has a short list of items that cannot be sent through the mail. Fireworks and alcoholic beverages are on this list. X-ray film is not. As long as you package the film ... Read More »

What does restricted mail mean at the post office?

On its website, USPS says restricted matter is dangerous for reasons beside "risk of harm to persons or property involved in moving the mail." Examples are vehicle master keys or intoxicating liquo... Read More »

Can certified mail be sent to a post office box?

According to, you can send certified mail via the United States Postal Service to a post office box in the United States. The recipient receives a notification card, wh... Read More »