How to Sort Laundry?

Answer Sorting laundry is a necessary part of doing laundry. Aside from helping you organize laundry before washing it, it can also help you get cleaner laundry. Read the following tips to learn how to se... Read More »

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How to Sort Laundry by Colors?

Sorting your laundry isn't that difficult. You just need to have 3 baskets or bags, depending on what you put your dirty clothes in. That way you won't have to worry about having a dark blue t-shir... Read More »

Develop templates of standard sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, insertion sort, merge sort,& quick sort?

This particular homework assignment requires a lot of coding examples. And they are easily available from the Internet by doing a simple search. And if we spoon-fed you your answers, you will not... Read More »

I live in a place that has no laundry .I cant afford laundry mat and half the time i have no clothes.?

You should of thought of that before you decided to spread your legs.

I hate driving to do laundry, is it worth it buy laundry machines?

yes.I cannot stand to put my clothes in a washing machine that someone else used. Ever look at them?? theirs hair and pubes, and mold all over them.If your going to buy one, spend the money for a r... Read More »