How to Soothe a Burnt Tongue?

Answer Ouch! A burn on the tongue can be very painful. Here are some tips to ease the pain. This article assumes the burn is caused by high temperatures, not the "heat" created by capsaicin. For that, see... Read More »

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My mom has damage on her tongue from chemo radiation and she can't soothe it. any suggestions on this?

Bradley, speak to her doctor about other options to ease her discomfort. And if she needs 10 boxes a day, you get off your butt and go out and buy them for her. If she needs a box at 2 am in the mo... Read More »

How to help burnt tongue?

ok for pain place ketchup on your tongue. i know it sounds crazy but it helps the pain and for actual health drink a lot of water and keep your tongue extra hydrated and it will heal (drink cold or... Read More »

I burnt my tongue on very hot tea. What should I do?

Burnt tongue?

put some sugar on your tongue where you burn.