How to Solve the Domain in a Square Root?

Answer In a square root the symbol, √, is known as the radical sign, and the expression inside is known as the argument of the square root. The domain of any function is the set of all possible "x" valu... Read More »

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How to Solve the Square Root?

Although it has been left out of math curricula for decades, before hand-held calculators, taking the square root of rational numbers used to be done with just pencil and paper. The technique is no... Read More »

How to Solve a Square Root by Calculation?

A square root of a value is the number that can be multiplied by itself to equal that value. Square roots are written with a symbol that resembles a check mark. Calculating a square root is a commo... Read More »

How to Solve Square Root Problems?

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How to Solve a Radical Equation Containing a Square Root?

In algebra, you will often have to solve radical equations, or equations in which at least one variable is underneath a radical sign. Square roots are the most frequently seen radicals within radic... Read More »