How to Solve the Angles of a Triangle?

Answer Solving the angles of a triangle can be complicated even knowing the proper formulas. Without the formulas, solving the angles would be impossible. You will need the law of cosines and the formula ... Read More »

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How to Solve an Isosceles Triangle with Angles?

The phrase "solving a triangle" means to find the remaining sides and angles. As long as you know three of the six values (three angles and three sides) and those values include one side, you can s... Read More »

What Are the Corresponding Angles in a Similar Triangle?

After taking an algebra class, many high school students continue on to study geometry, and can be frustrated by the new set of vocabulary and concepts they have to learn. Triangles, in particular,... Read More »

How to Graph a Triangle Using the Angles?

Drawing a quick and accurate triangle is easy with the use of a protractor to plot the angles and to act as a straight edge. Your triangle can also be easily scaled up or down depending on your nee... Read More »

How to Find the Area of a Triangle Without Any Angles?

Triangles come in many shapes and sizes. Different categories of triangles, based on lengths of their sides and the measurements of their angles, include equilateral, isosceles, right, right isosce... Read More »