How to Solve for Speed Using D=R*T?

Answer Other than by straight measurement, distance can be calculated through its own equation. Distance's equation -- d = r * t, where d represents distance, r is rate and t is time -- is a ratio of the ... Read More »

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How to Solve Inequalities Using Division?

Solving inequalities is much like solving standard equations. To isolate the variable you must add, subtract, multiply and sometimes divide. You may divide the inequality by any number, provided th... Read More »

How to Solve Using the Percent Calculator?

A quick search of the Internet reveals a wide choice of percent calculator programs, including three-way percent calculators and percentage increase and decrease calculators. Since these web-based ... Read More »

How to Solve Problems Using Freemind?

How can a computer help you to solve problems? - Here is a simple and effective process anyone can use.All you need is an installation of the free, open source mind mapping software FreeMind.

How to Solve by Graphing Using Algebra?

Algebra need not be endless calculation. You can solve some algebra problems visually by graphing. Solving problems by graphing can be helpful because it causes you to visualize the mathematical st... Read More »