How to Solve for Both X & Y?

Answer Solving for two variables (normally denoted as "x" and "y") requires two sets of equations. Assuming you have two equations, the best way for solving for both variables is to use the substitution m... Read More »

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How to Solve Inequalities With Fractions on Both Sides?

Inequalities describe relationships between numbers and variables by indicating that one side of an equation is more or less than the other. The rules for solving inequalities are the same as those... Read More »

Is it OK to use both a gas and electric clothes dryers in the same home if both connections are available?

Answer Both are only an appliance. Neither knows anything about the presence of the other. They won't get jealous or have some kind of fight during the middle of the night. Why not if you feel that... Read More »

My dad has been having really bad eye redness in both eyes and they are both very puffy?

could be conjunctivitis which is contagious...

How can you become better and cooler than your identical twin if both twins are both good?

depends on what you mean by better, one twin is evil and the others good