How to Solve an Isosceles Triangle with Angles?

Answer The phrase "solving a triangle" means to find the remaining sides and angles. As long as you know three of the six values (three angles and three sides) and those values include one side, you can s... Read More »

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How to Find Angles in an Isosceles Triangle?

Isosceles triangles consist of two congruent (same size) sides called legs and one side that has a different measure, called the base. The angles formed at where the legs meet the base of the trian... Read More »

How to Find Angles in an Isosceles Triangle for High School Geometry?

For a triangle to be an isosceles triangle, two of its three sides must be the same length. Because the two equal sides intersect identically with the third side, two of the triangle's angles also ... Read More »

How to Solve the Angles of a Triangle?

Solving the angles of a triangle can be complicated even knowing the proper formulas. Without the formulas, solving the angles would be impossible. You will need the law of cosines and the formula ... Read More »

The Different Shapes of an Isosceles Triangle?

Geometry students have to memorize a variety of shapes to succeed in class, many of which have different and confusing names. For example, triangles can be equilateral, where all of the sides and a... Read More »