How to Solve a Problem by Translating to Two or More Equations?

Answer Most algebra word problems require setting up equations with one variable. Some problems, however, are more easily solved by setting up systems of two equations in two variables. Mixture and distan... Read More »

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How to Solve Word-Problem Equations?

The key to solving word equations is understanding exactly what the problem is asking, then converting it to a numerical equation. Once you have rewritten the problem in numbers, you should be able... Read More »

How to Solve Cubic Equations?

Most math students can solve linear equations -- equations that contain a variable such as "x" without exponents -- with little trouble. Solving quadratic equations -- equations in which the variab... Read More »

How to Solve Equations With Manipulatives?

Manipulatives--objects like blocks or shapes that students can actually handle--are excellent tools for teaching basic math skills. Not only do manipulatives give students a concrete picture of wha... Read More »

How to Solve a Set of Linear Equations?

Linear equations are mathematical expressions that contain variables and numerical constants. A linear expression can be defined as one in which the variables are not raised to any power and not mu... Read More »