How to Solve a Division Inequality?

Answer Linear inequalities are similar to linear equations except an inequality symbol replaces the equal sign of the equation. Inequality symbols are placed between portions of an expression to represent... Read More »

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How to Solve an Inequality Equation?

Share and share alike. When two kids split a chocolate bar, they ideally do it this way: one child makes the division, the other child gets first choice of the two halves. Mathematics is fair too. ... Read More »

How to Solve an Inequality With Negative Fractions?

Solving an inequality with a negative fraction is quite similar to solving an inequality with a positive fraction. However, inequalities with negative fractions usually create the most problems for... Read More »

How to Solve a Simple Linear Inequality?

Find out how to solve linear inequalities.

How to Solve an Inequality With Negative Integers?

An inequality is a mathematical term for two unequal values. Inequalities contain a greater-than or less-than sign that shows which term is greater and which is the lesser value of the two. You mus... Read More »