How to Solve a 5 x 5 Magic Square?

Answer A magic square is a square array of numbers where every row, every column and the two main diagonals all add to the same number. All the numbers in the usual magic square are positive integers (wh... Read More »

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How to Solve a Magic Square?

Magic squares have come into prominence in popular culture along with the advent of such mathematics-based games as Sudoku. A magic square is an arrangement of integers in a square in such a way th... Read More »

How to Solve a Magic Square Having a Total of Any Multiple of 3?

This is amazing! Can solve within one minute. No matter whoever you are. Only simple steps to follow.

How to Solve Magic Squares?

Magic squares are grids of a square shape in which the sum of the elements of each row, column, and diagonal add up to the same number. The magic square is filled in using each number from to n^2 o... Read More »

How to Do a Magic Square?

A magic square is a grid of numbers arranged in such a way that every row, column and diagonal adds up to the same number. For example, a three-by-three grid reading six, one, eight in the top row,... Read More »