How to Solve Word Problems With Consecutive Integers?

Answer Word problems, also called story problems, are mathematical tools used to teach the practical use in everyday situations. They include a great deal of information that is sometimes confusing and ir... Read More »

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How to Solve Consecutive Odd Integers?

Write out the general equation based on the variables in the word problem. For instance, the word problem tells you that there are five numbers in total. Since you know that all the numbers are con... Read More »

How to Solve Word Problems With Charts?

If you are trying to teach your children how to solve word problems, then come up with a few scenarios that require multiple mathematical processes -- such as multiplication and addition -- and inv... Read More »

How to Solve Probabilities: Word Problems With Proportions?

In math, students tend to have trouble with word problems. For many students, they have difficulty picking through the information to find the correct parts necessary to set up a formula and eventu... Read More »

How to Find Consecutive Integers?

Consecutive numbers are the integers in sequence -- starting anywhere and going for as long as you want. In word problems, you do not need a variable for each of the consecutive numbers. If N is th... Read More »