How to Solve Systems by Eliminating Answers?

Answer Systems of equations are sets of equations with multiple variables that are correlated between the equations. Because of the correlation, the equations can be solved together. The variables of the ... Read More »

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How to Solve Systems of Equations?

Systems of linear equations are ways of quantifying several factors that work together at once to shape a given situation. For example, you could write a system of equations to describe how fast 3 ... Read More »

How to Solve Systems of Equations by Factoring?

In Algebra 2 and many other upper-level math and science classes, you will encounter quadratic-linear systems of equations, in which you need to determine the intersection of a quadratic and linear... Read More »

How to Solve Systems Using Linear Combinations?

One common and simple way to solve a system of equations is using linear combinations. Follow the steps below.

How to Solve Systems by Subtraction Elimination?

If you have two linear equations, it is possible to manipulate them in order to solve for the variables in both of them. This can be done if they contain no more than two variables, and if the vari... Read More »