How to Solve Pulley Force?

Answer A pulley system is a system consisting of a wheel or multiple wheels on the axle with grooves in the middle. A rope, cable or chain wraps around the groove, thus creating the tension required to se... Read More »

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Underdrive Pulley vs. Lightweight Pulley?

Most modern cars feature a serpentine belt system mounted to the engine. This system of pulleys provides power to various engine accessories, such as the alternator and air conditioning system. All... Read More »

Who was the first Air Force academy graduate to become Chief of Staff of the US Air Force?

Can you become an Air Force Combat Rescue Officer form the Air Force Academy?

Yes, although the selection is extremely difficult.There are three "Special Forces" jobs available for Air Force Academy graduates, Special Tactics Officer, Air Liaison Officer, and Combat Rescue O... Read More »

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