How to Solve Profit With Cost and Revenue?

Answer Profit, or the bottom line, is essential to any functional business. You must know exactly what your business' profits are throughout the year to determine the viability of your business, as well ... Read More »

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How to Solve a Profit Equation in Algebra 2?

In Algebra II, you often will be presented with an equation that describes a company's profits as a function of x-values, and asked to determine the break-even point, or the point at which profit w... Read More »

How to Calculate Cost of Revenue?

The cost of revenue, commonly known as the cost of goods sold, is an accounting figure that shows the cost incurred by a company when manufacturing a product. Determining the cost of revenue is imp... Read More »

Why Is Economic Profit a Better Measure of Profit Than Accounting Profit?

Although rarely acknowledged, you can measure profit in more than one way. Sometimes numbers can deceive you, and this is the case when it comes to accounting profit, which merely shows profit on t... Read More »

How To Use Cost Volume Profit Analysis for New Corporate Growth Initiatives?

Cost Volume Profit Analysis is a way for a company to judge many different pieces of information the company needs to evaluate a new business. This includes how many sales units the company needs t... Read More »