How to Solve Multi-Step Linear Inequalites?

Answer Unlike one-step linear inequalities, multi-step linear inequalities require that you subtract constants, combine like terms and divide coefficients of the variable to find the solution. The goal of... Read More »

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How to Solve Multi Step Linear Equations With Parentheses?

In order to solve a multiple step linear equation with parentheses, you must first eliminate the parentheses. Depending on the difficulty of the problem, this may be very difficult or very simple.... Read More »

Methods to Teach Multi-Step Linear Equations?

Linear equations are the most basic form of variable equation. Linear equations present students with variables and numbers on either side of an equal sign. Linear equations can use addition, subtr... Read More »

How to Solve Multi-Step Inequalities?

A multi-step inequality is similar to a multi-step equation. An equation is a statement in which two expressions are equal to each other. A multi-step equation looks like this: 4x + 28 = 15, which ... Read More »

How to Solve Linear Two Step Equations?

An algebra equation like x + 3 = 5 can be solved in one step. You need only subtract 3 from each side: x + 3 - 3 = 5 - 3. This simplifies to x = 2. Because x is by itself on one side of the equal s... Read More »