How to Solve Linear Equations Using Coordinate Points?

Answer There are many methods for solving linear equations. One such method is to use coordinate points in a trial-and-error process. You first write your linear equations in a form that can be used to ea... Read More »

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How to Solve Linear Equations Using Multiplication & Division?

Elimination is one of two standard methods for solving systems of algebraic equations by hand, along with substitution. Addition and subtraction can help eliminate a variable in many systems of equ... Read More »

How to Solve a Three Variable System of Linear Equations Using a Ti-84 Plus?

Solving simultaneous equations takes a good deal of time and precision. Once more than four equations are involved, working out a solution via pencil and paper becomes too difficult for all but the... Read More »

How to Graph Linear Equations Using Three Points?

Linear equations are among the most important concepts in precalculus coursework. Graphs of linear equations provide a connection between algebra and geometry by using equations to create a straigh... Read More »

How to Solve Linear & Non-Linear Equations Then Determine if They Are Linear or Not?

Solving equations, whether linear or nonlinear, is a matter of isolating x on one side of the equation, and numerical coefficients on the other. Specific methods for doing so will vary among equati... Read More »