How to Solve Linear Equations & Linear Models?

Answer Linear equations and models are mathematical expressions of the form c=X+b. These equations are characterized by a first-degree x-variable --- in other words, one that contains no exponents --- and... Read More »

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How to Solve Linear & Non-Linear Equations Then Determine if They Are Linear or Not?

Solving equations, whether linear or nonlinear, is a matter of isolating x on one side of the equation, and numerical coefficients on the other. Specific methods for doing so will vary among equati... Read More »

How to Solve a Set of Linear Equations?

Linear equations are mathematical expressions that contain variables and numerical constants. A linear expression can be defined as one in which the variables are not raised to any power and not mu... Read More »

How to Solve for X in Linear Equations?

Solving linear equations for an unknown variable is one of the first kinds of algebra problems that middle school students learn to solve. To solve for X in a linear equation, you must add, subtrac... Read More »

How to Solve Linear Two Step Equations?

An algebra equation like x + 3 = 5 can be solved in one step. You need only subtract 3 from each side: x + 3 - 3 = 5 - 3. This simplifies to x = 2. Because x is by itself on one side of the equal s... Read More »