How to Solve Integrals Using MATLAB?

Answer MATLAB is the name for a computing environment and a programming language designed to do high-speed computations. Initially, the MATLAB environment only had the ability to evaluate integrals numeri... Read More »

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How to Solve Transcendental Equations in MATLAB?

MATLAB is a powerful numerical computing program created by The MathWorks. MATLAB is also a high level programming language that allows potentially complicated numerical programs to be written in a... Read More »

Where to get matlab driver for capturing real time video of using CCD camera?

Click on the link just under the yellow tabs that says "The eintire software package can be downloaded here."…

How to Find the Areas Between Curves With Integrals?

Integration is a mathematical operation for finding the area under a curve. Functions are mathematical equations that describe curves. Integration works by transforming a function into another func... Read More »

How to Solve for Speed Using D=R*T?

Other than by straight measurement, distance can be calculated through its own equation. Distance's equation -- d = r * t, where d represents distance, r is rate and t is time -- is a ratio of the ... Read More »