How to Solve Identity Equations in Trigonometry?

Answer When it comes to solving equations involving trigonometric identities, your job is to prove or verify that the equation is true, rather than coming up with a unique answer. For example, you may be ... Read More »

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How to Solve a Right Triangle in Trigonometry?

There are many different types of problems involving right triangles in trigonometry, including finding the length of one side given the lengths of two other sides, finding the length an unknown si... Read More »

How to Solve Trigonometric Equations?

A trig equation is an equation containing one or many trig functions of the variable trig arc x. Solving for x means finding the values of the trig arcs whose trig functions make the trig equation ... Read More »

How to Solve LCD Fractional Equations?

Fractions contain a numerator on top and a denominator on bottom. In a rational expression, the denominator of the fraction contains a variable. You solve equations with rational expressions by fir... Read More »

How to Solve Geometry Equations?

High school geometry courses require you to solve many equations. Fortunately, most geometric equations are fairly simple, describing the area, volume, or perimeter of a shape or three-dimensional ... Read More »