How to Solve High School Geometry Problems?

Answer High school geometry classes primarily teach basic plane geometry. Plane geometry involves shapes such as circles, triangles, squares and parallelograms that can be represented on a single plane. S... Read More »

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How to Solve Geometry Problems With Polynomials?

Geometry studies shapes, their measurements, spatial relationships and configurations. Geometry problems ask students to identify properties such as volume, length and area, all of which can be det... Read More »

Geometry Activities for High School?

Of the higher math courses taught in high school, geometry is the most concrete, while courses such as algebra are more abstract. Because of geometry's more physical nature, many students find it m... Read More »

Geometry Games for High School?

High school geometry games can help your students expand upon the knowledge gained from simple lessons learned in elementary geometry. These lessons include finding the angles in shapes, finding ar... Read More »

High School Geometry Architecture Projects?

Geometry shapes are present in architectural structures everywhere. Each town, every city and every individual building is made out of squares, triangles, circles and other basic geometry shapes. T... Read More »