How to Solve Equations With Multiple Letters?

Answer Mathematicians refer to the letters in equations as variables (see ref 1). In the equation y = 4x, both y and x represent variables. Some equations contain three or more variables, such as y = 4x +... Read More »

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How to Solve Linear Equations With Multiple Variables?

Linear equations are equations in at least two variables (i.e., X and Y). The ability to solve them is an important algebraic concept that continues to be important in almost all upper-level math. ... Read More »

How to Solve RLC Circuit Equations?

Electronic circuits that combine a resistor, and inductor and capacitor are called RLC circuits, as the letters R, L and C symbolize resistance, inductance and capacitance. These circuits resonate ... Read More »

How to Solve Systems of Equations?

Systems of linear equations are ways of quantifying several factors that work together at once to shape a given situation. For example, you could write a system of equations to describe how fast 3 ... Read More »

How to Solve One Step Equations?

Ever wondered how to solve a one step equation or even a inequality? This article provides the very simple method to follow.