How to Solve Equations With Multiple Letters?

Answer Mathematicians refer to the letters in equations as variables (see ref 1). In the equation y = 4x, both y and x represent variables. Some equations contain three or more variables, such as y = 4x +... Read More »

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How to Solve Linear Equations With Multiple Variables?

Linear equations are equations in at least two variables (i.e., X and Y). The ability to solve them is an important algebraic concept that continues to be important in almost all upper-level math. ... Read More »

How to Solve Equations With Manipulatives?

Manipulatives--objects like blocks or shapes that students can actually handle--are excellent tools for teaching basic math skills. Not only do manipulatives give students a concrete picture of wha... Read More »

How to Solve Equations With Fractions?

Fractions can be tricky, especially when they involve algebra. But if you know the right tactics, you can turn a tricky problem into one that is easy to solve. You can turn fractional problems into... Read More »

How to Solve Equations for X With Exponents?

Simplifying equations that involve operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is straightforward -- cancel out and combine terms using inverse operations. Addition cancels s... Read More »