How to Solve Composite Inverse Trig Functions?

Answer Inverse trig functions return a value that is equal to the angle required to produce the value passed to the function. A composite function is a function whose value is dependent on the value retur... Read More »

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How to Calculate Inverse Trig Functions?

The trigonometry functions sine, cosine and tangent represent the relationship of two sides of a right triangle in reference to a specific angle. You often use trig functions when you have the angl... Read More »

How to Find Inverse Trig Functions?

A function is a relation. Imagine two lists of numbers on a piece of paper, with arrows pointing from each number in the first list to a corresponding number in the second. The inverse of a functio... Read More »

How to Translate Trig Functions?

There are eight principle ways of manipulating trig functions. You can multiply, divide, add or subtract. Furthermore, you can use these operations on the function itself or on the independent vari... Read More »

How to Do Squared Trig Functions?

Trigonometric functions are a member of the transcendental function group. Squared trigonometric functions are often used to model analog systems. These functions often first occur in trigonometry ... Read More »