How to Solve Chemistry Equilibrium Problems?

Answer Equilibrium questions relate to a process-specific equilibrium constant (Keq). At any point, a reaction has a reaction quotient that compares the ratio of products to reactants to what that ratio i... Read More »

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How to Solve Chemistry Isotope Problems?

There are two types of chemistry problems involving isotopes: finding the number of subatomic particles in an isotope and determining the average atomic mass of an element with isotopes. Isotopes a... Read More »

Does taking water out of an equilibrium reaction change the equilibrium constant?

No, the equilibrium constant is independent of concentration as long as the ratio of products and reactants remains as is. It can be effected by anything that would influence the ratio of products... Read More »

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Hey i dont think that anyone here is such a dumpass to give private tutors through emails unless u pay them !The best thing you can do is to put ur doubts in this forum and we are ready to solve u... Read More »

How to Set Up Unit Conversion Problems for Chemistry?

In chemistry, the information being processed is seldom expressed in the units needed in the final result. In order to show the outcome in the proper units of measure, set up a unit conversion prob... Read More »