How to Solve Atwood Machine Problems?

Answer Atwood machine problems involve two weights connected by a string hung on opposite sides of a pulley. For the sake of simplicity, the string and pulley are assumed to be massless and frictionless, ... Read More »

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Please give me a person's email who can solve my problems and who solves others problems?

Hey i dont think that anyone here is such a dumpass to give private tutors through emails unless u pay them !The best thing you can do is to put ur doubts in this forum and we are ready to solve u... Read More »

Please give me a person's email who can solve my LIFE problems and who solves others LIFE problems?

It seems that Yahoo has classified your question as a Computer and Internet issue because of the word email.In order to receive better responses, you may wish to remove your question and submit it ... Read More »

How to Solve BFF Problems?

Okay, we all know she could be mad at you or you could be mad at her, but it happens. You and your BFF could get mad at one another. Let's face it, BFF problems are horrible to deal with. But you h... Read More »

How do the ciA solve problems?