How to Solder an SOIC (Small-Outline Integrated Circuit)?

Answer Electronic circuit chips, also called Integrated Circuits or ICs, come in different package sizes. Small Outline Integrated Circuit or SOIC is one of the standard package types for ICs. These ICs a... Read More »

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What does integrated circuit mean?

An integrated circuit (IC) has many electronic components, including transistors, resistors and diodes, all contained on the same silicon chip. You can buy discrete transistors and other parts and ... Read More »

What tool is used to solder wires to a circuit board?

A soldering iron is used with electronic solder to attach electronic components and small jumper wires to a circuit board. For delicate electronics and circuit-board work, an iron of 15W to 30W is ... Read More »

Specifications for an LM35 Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensor?

The LM35 is basically a thermometer on a chip, designed by National Semiconductor. Instead of using mercury or another fluid, it relies on a property of diodes that causes the breakdown voltage of ... Read More »

Which computer was the first major computer system to incorporate an all integrated circuit memory?

The first major computer system to incorporate an all-integrated circuit memory was IBM's System/360, introduced in 1964. With an initial investment of over $5 billion, IBM's System/360, a family o... Read More »