How to Solder Onto a Board?

Answer Electrical devices consist of a number of key electrical components such as resistors and capacitors. These are normally mounted on printed circuit boards, which are arrays of printed wires that co... Read More »

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How to Solder the DC Jack Onto the Motherboard?

A broken DC jack on a computer will prevent the machine from receiving power. The power jack may have been damaged when someone stepped on the cord and the jack was broken as a result. If a profess... Read More »

What tool is used to solder wires to a circuit board?

A soldering iron is used with electronic solder to attach electronic components and small jumper wires to a circuit board. For delicate electronics and circuit-board work, an iron of 15W to 30W is ... Read More »

Is wire solder the same as pipe solder?

Wire solder is often a combination of lead and tin while pipe solder is lead-free. However, plumbing solder too was once a lead-tin alloy. In 1986 the Safe Drinking Water Act, forbade the use of le... Read More »

How to Install Memory Chips Onto the Memory Board?

Random access memory (RAM) is the circuitry that computers use for second-to-second storage, access and work space to process information and execute programs. This RAM comes in chip form on light,... Read More »