How to Soften Toe Nails to Clip Them?

Answer Toenails require regular grooming to prevent thickening due to fungus or injury. The nails should never be clipped too short. This can lead to ingrown nails, especially on the big toe. Once toenail... Read More »

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How to Soften Skin & Harden Nails?

A good skin routine goes hand-in-hand with a good nail routine. Eating healthy foods rich in vitamins, avoiding products with harsh chemicals and following daily care routines keep your skin and na... Read More »

How to Clip Dog Nails?

Clipping your dog's nails will not only enhance the appearance of your pet, but most importantly ensure better foot health and eliminate painful injuries.

How do you clip a baby's nails?

Video: How do you clip a baby's nails? Clipping Baby Nails Clipping baby nails is similar to clipping an adult's, except that you should gently apply pressure to the end of the finger to pull the t... Read More »

How to Clip Sphynx Cat's Nails?

The Sphynx CatClipping your Sphynx cat's nails every seven to ten days (depending on how much you clip the nail back) is recommended.