How to Soak Styrofoam Blocks?

Answer Styrofoam blocks are used as sturdy bases for floral arrangements. Dry Styrofoam is used for artificial flowers, and wet foam is used for real flowers. When used for a live floral arrangement, the ... Read More »

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How do I soak Styrofoam?

PreparationSelect a piece of floral foam that is intended to be saturated. Such foam typically is green and soft. It is sold in bricks, spheres and specialized shapes, such as bouquet holders and c... Read More »

Where can I get Styrofoam blocks?

You can get Styrofoam blocks from a number of different outlets. Online dealers, like Universal Foam Products and Dick Blick, offer a variety of Styrofoam blocks. You may also find the Styrofoam bl... Read More »

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