How to Soak Feet in Vinegar & Water?

Answer A vinegar-and-water foot soak can soften the skin on your feet and make calluses and dead skin easier to remove. Vinegar also kills germs and bacteria, helping to get rid of athlete's foot and foot... Read More »

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How to Soak Feet in Warm Water?

After standing on your feet all day, they may throb and ache. Soaking them in warm water is a soothing solution. If your feet are dry and callused, a soak brings softness back. You should wash your... Read More »

How to Soak Hands and Feet in Corn Meal & Water?

Finley ground and dried corn results in cornmeal. While you can add cornmeal to recipes, it also has other benefits. Combining cornmeal with warm water creates a slurry mixture. Soaking your hands ... Read More »

How do I Soak New Uniforms in Vinegar?

Uniforms are used in different capacities, such as for military personnel, sports teams and marching bands. New uniforms may bleed easily and feel stiff and scratchy. Vinegar softens the fabric and... Read More »

How to Make Your Own Vinegar Bath Soak?

Vinegar bath soaks are popular for many different reasons. Many people use vinegar soak treatments to help bring their skins pH level back to its natural level. An imbalanced pH level is a common c... Read More »