How to Soak Clams?

Answer There are many different types of edible clams in the United States, and steamed clams are a common menu item in both restaurants and homes. When choosing clams for your meal, pick clams with unbro... Read More »

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Do you need to soak steamer clams before cooking them?

Steamer clams should soak before cooking to help get rid of sand. Sit the clams in 1 gallon of water mixed with 1/3 cup of salt and refrigerate them for approximately 60 minutes. Then scrub the cla... Read More »

Are clams healthy to eat?

On One Hand: Health Benefits of Eating ClamsThe level of iron in clams is exponentially high and they also contain a good source of phosphorus, which is necessary for building strong bones and teet... Read More »

How to Deep Fry Clams?

Learning how to deep fry clams depends mostly on the method you choose to use. There are basically two processes used, the Southern method and the New England method.

How to Clean Clams?

Clams are a delicious seafood which are relatively easy to harvest and eat. Like all shellfish, however, preparing a clam can be little tricky and if not done correctly it can make for an unpleasan... Read More »